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Summary Advice Clinics

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CLG’s Summary Advice clinics offer free legal advice, information and guidance, to anyone who cannot afford paid legal services and does not qualify for Legal Aid Alberta.

During a 45-minute appointment you will receive advice from a volunteer lawyer to help you understand your rights and responsibilities under the law, your legal options for addressing your legal issue, and what to do next. Volunteer lawyers can support with different legal issues, including but not limited to tenancy, criminal, family, and immigration. 

“I finally found someone who could help me, and would listen.”

CLG Clinic Attendee

Social Benefits Advocacy

Have you been denied by AISH or Alberta Works? We can help cut through red tape by providing explanations and information on how to navigate the government health system.

Current clinics are held by Zoom.

Indigenous Law

How do I get my status card?
I just got my status card now where’s all my backpay? My band is excluding me from membership! These are all questions we can help with and more.

Current clinics are held by Zoom.

Domestic Violence/Family Law

What legal rights do I have in my situation? How can I ensure me and my children are safe? How can I leave? We can help vulnerable people in domestic violence situations.

Current clinics are held by Zoom.

Immigration Law

CLG gives advice regarding immigration law issues including family sponsorship and refugee protection. Although we don’t do your citizenship process for you, we can help guide you through the legal system.

Current clinics held by Zoom.



Elder Law

CLG can help with explaining the law, estate planning, advance care planning, writing wills, and issues such as elder abuse.

Current clinics held by Zoom.

Homeless Outreach

CLG’s Homeless Outreach Program (HOP) team gives legal advice and services along with emotional support and social agency referrals through our lawyer and non-lawyer advocate team. This includes representing people who are facing criminal charges or are being evicted.


Summary Advice Supporting Firms

Volunteer Lawyers are at the heart of our Summary Advice Clinics.  Thank you to all of our volunteers, and our supporting law firms:

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