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ID Clinics

ID Clinics

Calgary Legal Guidance offers the ID Clinic Program – designed to provide identification to individuals over the age of 18 who have lost, misplaced or had their identification documents stolen. The ID Clinic provides individuals with a wallet-sized statutory declaration that can assist in accessing services that require ID. The ID is generated on-site, so you receive the ID immediately, with no supporting documents required and at no cost, with a processing time of minutes.

This is a legal document notarized by a lawyer, but not government ID. Although no service or agency is required to, many places will accept notarized documents.
CLG’s photo ID can typically be used to:

File Taxes

Obtain Government ID*

Get a Birth Certificate

Apply for a Job or Residence

Get an Alberta Health Care Card 

Access the City of Calgary’s Fair Entry Program

*Additional documentation will also be required

More Information

For more information on the photo ID and how it can be used,
please contact (403) 716-6498 or by email at

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