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Domestic Violence
Family Law Program

Domestic Violence - Family Law Program

Family violence affects people from all neighborhoods, age groups, genders, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, religions, sexual orientations, and incomes.

CLG recognizes that people experiencing family violence have unique needs when going through the family law system. Our family law lawyers, program advocate, and program coordinator work together to provide information, guidance, and advice to people who have experienced family violence and abuse.

Our award-winning Domestic Violence Family Law Program works with you without judgment to address your safety needs, identify your legal issues, support you in making informed decisions, and connect you to the right help; including legal resources and social services such as counselling and housing.

You have options.

CLG can guide you and your family through the legal system

Our Lawyers and Advocates Can:

Listen to you, and answer your questions

Help you understand your rights and options

Help you understand what to say or include in court documents

Help you prepare for court appearances

Explain the law and the legal system as it applies to your situation

Help you understand your risk

Help with safety planning

Connect or supportively guide you to other resources, including emergency shelter, counselling,
housing, government programs, other legal programs through CLG, and many other supports and services


When you connect

Our social worker program coordinator will talk to you about your situation and hear what you would like help with. You will then be offered an appointment with a program lawyer, the social worker program advocate, or both. If your situation, request, or questions are outside of the programs scope, the program coordinator will endeavor to direct you to the best possible resource for you, and when possible connect you directly with other programs or resources

We will always do our best to answer any question, help you know your rights, and give you options. If you are seeking help, advice or guidance for an issue outside our practice areas, we will do our best to connect you with an appropriate program or service.


The Domestic Violence Family Law Program does not provide representation in court at this time. 

Call us at 587-349-7994 and talk to our Program Coordinator.  All calls are confidential.

Our Funders

Family Law Resources and Education

If you need to speak with someone immediately for emotional support, call The Distress Centre’s 24 hour crisis line at 403-266-4357 or visit

Our Partners

Emergency Shelters

Women with or without children who are leaving domestic abuse and violence can also contact one of the following emergency shelters directly:

Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter

24 hour family violence helpline at

The Awo Taan Healing Lodge Society

24 hour crisis line 

YW Sheriff King Home

Visit the shelter in person (24/7)

Mary Dover House

Call at

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