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At Home with Law Program

CLG’s At Home With Law Project (AHWL) is the first legal program in Alberta focused on building lasting capacity for tenants to advocate for themselves and assist others in housing.

AHWL provides holistic tenancy education to diverse members of the community through a series of education workshops and individual coaching. As a graduate of AHWL, participants can become Peer Educator’s to their local neighbors and greater community. This program teaches the “in’s and out’s” of tenancy in Alberta and gives participants the skills to communicate with their landlord and neighbors.

Participants will learn about leases, landlord and tenant duties and rights, finances, and communication skills. After completing the education workshops participants will have access to one-one-one coaching with the Project Lawyer where they can share how they have used this information to empower themselves or shared it with others.

Program Goals

AHWL is a direct response to the prevalent issue of housing security that many Calgarians experience. By empowering members of the community and building on their diverse skills and experiences, AHWL aims to enhance each participant’s ability to avoid conflicts in their own housing and reduce the rates of disputes and evictions.

Through community cohorts and one-on-one coaching, participant’s will have confidence in their own abilities to communicate and advocate for their own housing needs and share information they learn in the program outwards to neighbours and their local communities.

By honing each participant’s ability to maintain their housing, they can establish longer term relationships with their neighbours and build healthy communities by supporting their local communities as Peer Educators with issues around their housing.



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