Calgary Legal Guidance


Calgary Legal Guidance fills the gap in services not provided by other legal agencies.
These services include providing vulnerable Albertans, those experiencing homelessness, poverty or do not have the financial means to get legal advice from other sources.

Let's see if we can help you. Call our Intake Line at (403) 234-9266.

If you cannot afford to hire a lawyer, and you do not qualify for Legal Aid Alberta or other paid services, CLG may be able to help you.  There are requirements to be met in order to receive CLG’s services.  Call us to see if you are eligble at (403) 234-9266.

If you  think you may be able to afford to pay for some legal services, or need help on a legal issue CLG does not provide, then we suggest contacting the Lawyer Referral Service. Or, you can contact Alberta Legal Coaches & Limited Services.

Can I hire CLG as my lawyer?

No. CLG is a non-profit organization that offers free legal advice to clients who qualify financially for our services.

Is CLG my lawyer?

We do not represent you as a lawyer in court, but rather provide those experiencing homelessness, or are marginalized or vulnerable with legal information and guidance on how to address your legal problem.

Will a lawyer from CLG represent me in court?

Our volunteer lawyers will not go to court for you, but they will help you prepare for your court date.

CLG also cannot guarantee assistance due to existing eligibility guidelines and Program specific requirements.  Assessments are conducted via Intake and/or specific CLG Programs to determine eligibility for services.

CLG is the only non-profit legal guidance organization in Alberta that provides the Sahwoo mohkaak tsi ma taas (Before Being Judged) program, providing legal assistance specifically to Indigenous people. We employ an Indigenous Lawyer and part-time Indigenous facilitator and educator, providing services in a culturally appropriate way that makes your legal problem easier to understand and deal with.

Yes!  CLG is the only legal agency that can assist vulnerable elderly people on topics such as elder abuse, wills & estates, and more.  Call us at (403) 716-6476 to see if we can help you.

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