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Pre-Apprehension Child Welfare Program

CLG’s Pre-Apprehension Child Welfare Program provides legal advice and support to parents/guardians who are involved with Children’s Services prior to their child(ren) being apprehended. The program is also for parents/guardians, or even expecting parents who are concerned about Children’s Services becoming involved with their family.

Through our free legal clinics, our lawyers can:

Help you understand how the Child welfare system works,

Help you understand your rights and obligations,

Explain the rights and obligations of Children’s Services,

Provide you with summary legal advice 

Connect you with other legal and social resources

In addition, our program offers Public & Professional Legal Education sessions for those seeking to learn more about Pre-apprehension Child Welfare Law. 

For the first time in Alberta, Parents have access to information

BEFORE their children are apprehended.

For parents and guardians facing Children’s Services involvement, access to justice is incredibly important. In these cases, access to justice means (among other things): understanding your rights; understanding the rights of Children’s Services; understanding how the Child welfare system works; and having access to legal information, advice, and support before your matter is being dealt with in the courts. Much like a person being accused of a crime, people facing potential apprehension of their children should have the right to consult with legal counsel and to thoroughly understand the legal and practical implications of the process they are in. 

For example, parents/guardians should have access to legal information and advice when there is potential for their children to be involved in a “back door” apprehension. This is when Children’s Services advises a family to move their children to a relative etc. in the absence of a formal apprehension or guardianship order. In these cases, knowing one’s rights and obligations — as well as the rights and obligations of Children’s Services — is important so that parents/guardians are not committing to an arrangement they do not understand; one with potentially dire consequences. 

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