Calgary Legal Guidance

What We Do

CLG guides vulnerable Albertans through the legal system.

We offer legal advice, information, and guidance to those who do not have access to paid legal services.

Call our Intake Team to see if we can help you:  (403) 234-9266

How We Help

Volunteer Lawyers offer legal advice to qualified clients during a 30 – 45 minute appointment, by phone or in person.

Volunteer lawyers give you the information you need to feel confident in taking the next steps related to your legal matter.

If you need more help after your appointment, you can come back for advice as you move through your legal issue.

Legal Advice: Programs We Offer

Summary Advice Clinics

(403) 234-9266

CLG’s Summary Advice clinics offer free legal advice, information and guidance, to anyone who cannot afford paid legal services and does not qualify for Legal Aid Alberta. During a 45-minute appointment you will receive advice from a volunteer lawyer to help you understand your rights and responsibilities under the law.

Social Benefits Advocacy 

(403) 716-6479

CLG’s Social Benefits Advocacy Program offers information, advice and guidance to those facing challenges with the Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) Program. We can help with many issues including benefit denials, cut-offs and assessed overpayments. We may even be able to represent you at appeal.

Indigenous Law

(403) 716-6491

CLG is one of the first legal non-profit pro bono organization to actively advocate on behalf of Indigenous people.  Our Sahwoo mohkaak tsi ma taas (Blackfoot for “Before Being Judged”) is a cutting-edge program aimed at increasing access to justice for Indigenous peoples.  Contact us to see if we can help.

Domestic Violence/Family Law

(587) 349-7994

CLG offers hope to victims of family/domestic violence.  We offer support on legal issues, abuse, trauma and relationship/family breakdown.  Leaving a situation is difficult, and CLG offers a guiding legal hand to help you get the confidence you need by leaning on the law.  Contact us to see if we can help.

Immigration Law

(403) 716-6499

Going through the process of immigration can be difficult. We offer legal advice about immigration law issues including family sponsorship and refugee protection.  Although we do not handle the applications, we do provide guidance on what steps to take next.

Elder Law

(403) 716-6476

Offering assistance to seniors with Estate planning and advance care planning. Some seniors cannot afford a lawyer and do not have access to Legal Aid, and this program is designed to help with Wills & Estates, Personal Directive, Elder Abuse, and more. Contact us for information.

Homeless Outreach

(403) 716-6498

Those experiencing homelessness often have no where to turn. We offer support and guidance (not legal representation) to those experiencing homeless.  We can guide you through criminal charges and evictions that put people at risk of homelessness.  

Pre-Apprehension Child Welfare Program

(403) 234-9266

A new program dedicated to providing legal advice and support to parents/guardians who are involved with Children’s Services prior to their child(ren) being apprehended. 


Survivors of Sexual Assault

(403) 234-9266

Anyone 18 years of age or older who has experienced sexual violence at any time may be eligible for free legal information, support, and connections to service providers. We welcome survivors at any stage in their journey.

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