Calgary Legal Guidance

50th Anniversary

CLG Celebrates 50 Years of Serving the Community

  • For 50 years, CLG has been supporting individuals in our communities by providing free and confidential legal advice to economically and socially disenfranchised persons who come to us if they do not have access to paid services.
  • As a client focused organization, we provide legal representation, advice and advocacy to individuals of all genders, ethnicity, cultures, abilities, religions and sexual orientations in a positive and supportive environment and strive to bridge the justice gap.
  • Over the years, CLG has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals through support in our legal advice clinics and within our various programs as well as through Duty Counsel held at the Court of Queen’s Bench.
  • During our 50th year, CLG will be celebrating the people and the programs that deliver access to justice for those in Alberta who are experiencing homelessness, domestic violence, sexual assault and who do not have access to paid legal services.

On Thursday, October 20, 2022, Calgary Legal Guidance will celebrate 50 years of pro bono service to deliver access to justice in Alberta.  

This sold-out celebratory Gala Dinner features The Honourable Sheilah L. Martin.  Appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada in 2017,  Justice Martin was was trained in both civil law and common law before moving to Alberta where her career as an educator, lawyer, and judge has been driven by a commitment to fairness and equal justice for all.


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