Democratic Reform Debate

November 25, 2015 2:00 pm Published by

Calgary Legal Guidance and the Calgary Public Library – Central Location, have forged a partnership to create information sessions to the public on legal issues that impact Canadians while examining every side of important and controversial issues in an atmosphere of fun, reasoned argument and respectful discourse.

On Wednesday November 25th  we were fortunate to have guest debaters Elizabeth May, MP Leader of the Green Party of Canada and Honourable Michelle Rempel, MP – Member of Calgary Nose Hill debate the question:

“Be it resolved that Canada should keep First Past the Post as its voting system for federal elections, as a lessening of political party influence best serves democracy.”

The evening started with an overview on the various types of voting options available and currently in use across the world, delivered by Duane Bratt, Professor and Chair of Policy Studies, MRU.

In the video below, the debate starts at 21:00 minutes.

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