Want to Volunteer for CLG?

Volunteers are at the core of all the work that we do. Calgary Legal Guidance relies on volunteers to support both our organization and community members. There are a wide range of volunteering roles at CLG – see what works for you, and we will do our best to get you started!

Volunteer Lawyers

Volunteer lawyers are a crucial part of our volunteer base. There are many opportunities to get involved in our legal clinics, pro bono projects, research, and other initiatives. No specific area of expertise is required to volunteer at CLG. We ensure that all lawyers have the resources, training, and support to provide the information and advice that our clients need. This applies to lawyers at big firms, in solo practice, working in-house, or anything in between. All are welcome! The only requirements for volunteering are a commitment to help individuals and membership in the Law Society of Alberta.

Family Law Lawyers

Family law is always in high demand. As little as 2 hours per month can make a huge difference in our client’s life. We are looking for new or experienced volunteer lawyers to provide legal advice, information or referrals at:

  • CLG’s Downtown Legal Advice Clinic. This runs Monday to Thursday evening at CLG’s office from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
  • Calgary Chinese Community Service Association. This legal advice clinic runs the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at of the CCCSA’s office
  • Immigrant Services Calgary operates the 4th Thursday of the month
  • Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association runs the first Tuesday then the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Wednesday of the month.

Immigration Law Lawyers

Are you an Immigration Lawyer who has 2 hours per month to share? We are looking for lawyers to provide legal advice at 3 of our legal outreach clinics. Our Immigration clients attend with a variety of legal questions and issues such as refugee protection, permanent residence applications, sponsorship, Humanitarian and Compassionate applications.

Wills Clinic

The Elder Law Program’s Wills Clinic matches volunteer lawyers with low-income seniors who need help preparing wills, enduring powers of attorney, and personal directives.

Volunteer lawyers attend the CLG office for a two-hour shift to meet with two clients for one hour each. Each appointment is either the client’s first appointment, during which the volunteer lawyer elicits information from the client about their family, assets, and instructions for documents, or the client’s second appointment, during which the volunteer lawyer reviews drafts of the documents with the client, and completes the necessary formalities of signing and witnessing the documents.

Volunteer lawyers are provided with comprehensive questionnaires to help them elicit the appropriate information from clients. Elder Law Program staff schedule all appointments and draft all documents. The volunteer lawyers’ role is limited to attending appointments with clients and ensuring that clients understand the documents they are signing. The Elder Law Program legal assistant is available throughout each Wills Clinic shift to support the volunteer lawyer, and the Elder Law Program Lawyer is also available throughout each Wills Clinic shift to supervise and mentor volunteer lawyers.

An introductory orientation and training session is provided to all Wills Clinic volunteers. The Wills Clinic currently runs on Tuesday afternoons (1:30-3:30) and Thursday mornings (10:00-12:00).

If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact Kim, the Volunteer Manager at