Volunteer In Profile

Volunteers are the backbone of our organization and play an essential role in supporting vulnerable individuals in our communities.

We are so fortunate to have such amazing individuals who contribute their time and energy and give so much of themselves to support the needs of our clients and the larger community.

Thank You!

Current Volunteer:

Matt Noel – Bentley

Link to read about Matt: Matt Noel – Bentley

April Volunteer:

Zureen Kazmi

Link to read about Zureen: Zureen Kazmi

February Volunteer:

Nancy Randhawa

Link to read about Nancy: Nancy Randhawa

January Volunteer:

Nicholas Urie

Link to read about Nicholas Urie’s CLG volunteer experience: Nicholas Urie

December Volunteer:

Robert Knight

Link to read about Robert Knight’s CLG volunteer experience: Robert Knight

October/November Volunteer:

Philippe Shink


Link to read about Philippe Shink’s CLG volunteer experience: Philippe Shink

August/September Volunteer:

David Taylor


Link to read about David Taylor’s CLG volunteer experience: David Taylor

March/April Volunteer:

Cindy Marshall

Cindy Marshall

Link to read about Cindy Marshall’s CLG volunteer experience: Cindy Marshall

December/January Volunteers:

Ashley Karg                                                                     Leslie Lerch

                                          Leslie Lerch

Link to read about Ashley and Leslie’s experience running ID Clinics at CLG: Ashley Karg and Leslie Lerch


October/November Volunteer:

Russ Weninger


Link to read about Russ’s Experience as a CLG volunteer: CLG Award


August/September Volunteer:

Alex Norris

Alex N photo

Link to read about Alex’s experience at CLG: Alex Norris.